If you want a city runabout electric car but have been put off by the price of EV’s in Australia you might want to checkout Tassie startup Good Car Company.

These three guys organise importing relatively new Japanese second hand electric vehicles with 80%+ battery life left and sell them at community bulk buy events.

Largely due to their successful salesmanship they claim there are more Nissan EV’s driving around Tasmania then there are Tesla’s.

According to ACT media outlet RIOT-ACT Sydneysiders and Canberrans can have a look at some examples of Good Car co imported vehicles on Feb 25 at the Kambri Cultural Center ANU to find out more about the benefits of going electric, or book a test drive.

At the event you’ll be able to check out the following pre-owned model Nissan vehicles, prices quoted are the maximum you would pay as part of a bulk buy group.

Nissan Leaf models

  • 62kWh ZE1 Leaf (2019) – 350km range for less than $52,000
  • 40kWh ZE1 Leaf (2017-19) – 240km range for less than $40,000
  • 30kWh AZEO Leaf (2015-17) – 170km range for less than $30,000
  • 24kWh AZEO Leaf (2013-15) – 110km range for less than $21,000

Nissan van models

  • eNV200 Van – 100km range for less than $30,000

Are you interested in electric cars, would you consider buying second hand to make the purchase more affordable? Please let us know in the comments.

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Looking at second hand Nissan Leaf AZEO plenty advertised under $20,000.


Are these prices really that cheap? 2020 Nissan Leaf ZE1 currently advertised for $53,000 new with warranty.