Remember when Android had cool names, like Cupcake, or Oreo and we used ot spend half the year trying to guess what the next version would be called? Fun times. Now that Google is all grown up they’ve moved past such childish things, at least in public.

Even though the tasty treat names are gone from the public view internally Google still has it’s whimsical heart, and so the tradition lives on for the development teams. Thanks to some sleuthing by XDA we now have a good indication that the code name will be Snow Cone.

Last year Google included an Easter egg for those who knew that Android 11 was internally referred to as Red Velvet cake, perhaps we will see one this year too. However if they release a snow code recipe for Google coloured Snow Cones, we’d recommend skipping the yellow snow cone…. you can never be too safe.

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    Those original dessert names were cool but got my son and I in trouble with the boss. We were talking about Ice Cream Sandwich after dinner and she thought we were thinking of getting the actual Ice Cream sandwiches. Needless to say, she blew a gasket and then calmed down once we explained what we were talking about.