Catch Connect is a Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO) who use the Optus network to deliver services. One of the big attractions of an MNVO is their overheads are low, so their prices usually follow. In keeping with this Catch Connect has launched new everyday plans at a low cost for discerning users.

  • $9 gets you 4GB of data and a 30 day expiry
  • $15 gets you 18GB of data and a 30 day expiry
  • $29 gets you 20GB of data and a 90 day expiry

All of the new plans come with unlimited calls and text (as is the norm currently) within Australia, making the only real difference in your data needs. For data-heavy users, these plans are not going to meet your needs. But for data conscious users who spend most of their time on Wi-Fi, this could be a big winner and money saver.

As a pre-paid option there aren’t lock-in contracts, there aren’t any hidden fees and you’ll have full access to the Optus 4G network. If you’re looking for an option to save a bit of money on your mobile, it’s worth looking at Catch Connect.