There’s crazes that come around every so often, and in food technology there’s no exception. If it’s not thermomixes, it’s K-Mart’s hot water dispensers (I have one, it’s awesome), and when it’s not those, it’s Air Fryers.

I must admit this is one craze that I’ve not been particularly interested in, only because we just don’t eat an awful lot of fried food. Like many, though, the reason for this is one of health – traditionally, fried foods meant lots of oils and fats, and they’re just not very good for you.

With an air fryer, though, that’s not really the case any more – instead of hot oil transferring heat to your food and cooking it, it’s hot (really bloody hot) air, which does almost the same thing, without nearly as much unhealthy, fatty oil.

People have taken to cooking all manner of things in air fryers, from whole chickens, chips, dim-sims, sausages, vegetables and goodness knows what, and so if you’re minded to join them, you can for $39.99 this Wednesday, 3 March.

Sporting an LED touch display, temperatures between 40 deg and 200 deg, and a 60 minute timer, the Ambiano Air Fryer 2.5L from Aldi has you covered. With a 2.5L capacity, you’ll get a fair amount of food in there, but you’re probably not going to get a whole chicken (unless your whole chicken is really small).

On the plus side though, this is the perfect fryer for making some snacks, like some dim-sims for lunch, chips to accompany your dinner, or a different way of preparing your favourite vegetables. Whatever it is – I’m no foodie – lots of people find these things fun to cook with, so it’s worth checking out.

Other things in this week’s special buys include a variety of kitchen gear including pots, pans, coffee machines, toasters, kettles and more. If your kitchen appliances are looking a little tired, here’s a good chance to give them a bit of a refresh without breaking the bank.



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Phill Edwards

I bought an ALDI air fryer recently (different model, more expensive). I’d never had one before and we love it.


I wonder how much they heat up the ambient air in their immediate surrounding environment? Ovens are a pain for that, for oven bake instead of hotplate frying.