Messaging has become the norm in our hectic lives, it would be an exceptional day — for most of us — to have more calls than messages. We’re in group chats galore, we’re spread across multiple messaging options and we feel disconnected without our phones. The likes of Google Messages already has a web version for you to connect your phone to, Samsung has now followed suit for Windows users.

The Samsung Messaging app is now in the Microsoft App Store for Windows, with some users getting push notifications about the new app. This allows users to connect their Samsung account and message directly from their PC. Being a regular; ok heavy user of messaging apps, there is a huge convenience factor to having notifications and the capacity to respond in front of you all day.

This is also a clever move from Samsung to keep users on their platform. It offers an option across all Samsung devices instead of moving to other options like Telegram, Signal or even Google Messages. The biggest question for users who use messaging heavily is: Is the convenience of an installed app on your PC, better than moving forward with RCS in Google Messages?

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Daniel Narbett

Is this separate to the Your Phone app that runs on Windows and links to Galaxy phones? (maybe other Samsung phones too) The reason I use that is that the Samsung messages app on *tablet* is much better than the google skinned web service, which necessitates using the Samsung msgs app on the phone, which in turn means I use the Samsung link to Windows service on PC! It’s not perfect (or even great) but it muddles along well enough

Tango India Mike

Can’t see this app on my ARM Surface Pro X …..wondering is this only available for x86 Windows devices?

Daniel Narbett

I’m also getting the ‘Not available for this device’ msg on a recent Acer laptop with an Intel chip


Lenovo IdeaPad C340 15in 8thGen i5. Not seeing the app in the store.
I’m guessing it simply isn’t available in AU.