We’re a little way out from the usual release cycle for Google’s Pixel-branded hardware. But it’s never too early to entertain some leaky goodness, this time from John Prosser at FrontPage Tech. His tweet suggests we will see the release of Pixel Buds and may see a new Pixel device on June 11th.

It’s a lovely little teaser and honestly, I’m always excited by a new Pixel device. Prosser’s record is far from perfect on the leak front, so it’s worth considering this to be a maybe. Particularly when you consider most Pixel devices in the past have been launched on Tuesdays (US time) and the 11th is a Friday. Regardless of whether it is the correct date or not, it’s roughly in the right ballpark date for a Pixel 5a.

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Yes please! I’d like to replace my Pixel 4 XL but not with the downgraded 5.