The fractured delivery of NBN connections across Australia has caused excessively disparate speeds between neighbourhoods.

The lucky folk on FTTP can choose their speeds with reckless abandon, with other connection types being far more restricted in speeds due to the variables involved. Particularly for those on FTTN and FTTC, relying upon copper delivery into the home that speed can often be disappointing.

A recent update to the NBN Co road map shows through the implementation of G.Fast, NBN Co. is getting ready to consult on speeds up to 1 gigabit on FTTC connections. is the next evolution of the copper-based technology pathway, following on from the very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL2) technology we are already deploying on our Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) technology.

By using higher-spectrum frequencies all the way up to 212 megahertz – compared to the (maximum) 17MHz used on VDSL2 – is able to deliver speeds all the way up to 1Gbps and beyond, albeit over short distances of around 100 metres.

This means FTTC users, who typically have copper runs of 40 – 70 meters will have increased theoretical speeds, offering the Superfast and close to, Ultrafast speeds FTTP and HFC are capable of.

This isn’t a guarantee though and a timeline for delivery if the consultation period is successful is unknown. The consultation is — at this time — nothing more than consultation and early testing but it is promising for those stuck on second-rate connections.

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So the NFNco is saying they might be able to upgrade some Fibbing To The Gutter (this is Australia, only USAian flunkies use ‘curb’.) connednections. Big whoop. They are STILL stuff-arsing around trying to avoid doing what they should be doing. Replace the sub-standard by third-world country standards NFN connednections with Real NBN FTTP connections.


sounds good if this gets done, i dont think FTTC is that fast , we do need faster internet with more people nowadays working from home