Anyone that enjoys getting out into nature, adventuring and fast-paced activities probably have an action camera. The reality is that GoPro is the market leader in this area, but Insta360 are looking to change that. The release of the GO 2 is another step in that direction, it’s a tiny but might action camera making it ideal for capturing the action from a first-person perspective.

The capabilities of the camera are excellent on the surface, offering users:

  • Flexibility of use with a variety of accessories available
  • Excellent video stabalisation
  • Charging on the go with the provided case offering a 30 minute charge time
  • IPX8 protection for — within reason — water activities
  • Replaceable lens guards in case you have a big wipeout
  • Slow Motion and Hyperlapse video modes

There’s so much to like about the hardware, but they’ve taken it another step further with the app.

Not up for a manual edit? Let AI edit for you with FlashCut 2.0. FlashCut 2.0 auto-edits your clips into a story, highlighting the best moments and editing them together on beat to music.

Choose from preset editing templates for themes like sports, travel or pets, or just select your favourite shots and let FlashCut take care of the rest. Either way, you get a slick edit that’s ready to share instantly.

It’s mind blowing just how small this camera is; it weighs just 27 grams and — because of the physical size — has a 210mAh battery, so I do wonder how long it will last at high-resolution capture. The price is going to be a bit of a barrier for some potential buyers though, an Insta360 GO 2 will set you back $479.99 which seems pretty fair for what you’re getting.