The Nest Audio doesn’t seem to go on sale as much as their previous smart speakers, time was you couldn’t buy a Google Home Mini at full RRP because it was just always on sale, or being given away. However, right now the Nest Audio is $20AU off at most retailers including the Google Store.

In pour opinion, the Nest Audio was a huge leap forward with Google’s audio quality, and while not quite as good as the old Google Home Max, for the size and style improvements we’ll take that trade-off. For the best audio experience, you do need two Nest Audios paired in a Left-Right configuration to give you true stereo and a much richer soundscape.

Most retailers have them at $129, but Officeworks and The Good Guys have them for $124 each. Stock is already running low at some stores so if you want one or two I wouldn’t delay jumping on the deal now.

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    they have been 99 couple of times so far, not a real deal and i wouldn’t jump in hurry