The unusually high amount of rain and resulting humidity of around 80% currently being experienced in Sydney looks set to continue with even more rain predicted for the next few days.

Not only is it uncomfortable for most people while trying to work from home the high humidity also encourages the growth of indoor mould and damp which is bad news for allergy / asthma sufferers and can easily ruin your clothes, shoes, curtains, furniture etc.

A dehumidifier could be part of the solution to your problems.

The new Vienne ION630 desiccant dehumidifier from Australian company, Andatech, delivers an impressive daily dehumidification rate of up to 10 litres a day.

Andatech has a good track record with dehumidifiers as several of it’s older models have received high ratings from CHOICE.

The unit can be set to dehumidify between 40 – 60% relative humidity (RH) at increments of 5%, which is a substantial reduction from the 80%-90% Sydney households have had to put up with this week.

You can easily control humidity levels in your home by changing the settings eg:

60% – Maximum energy-saving and quiet operation

50 – 55% – Inhibit mould and bacteria growth

40 – 45% – Super dry mode to prevent condensation

4 Power levels can be chosen from:

Auto – Convenient automatic operation
Low – Power saving and low noise for daily use
High – Offers rapid de-humidification
Laundry (Continuous) – Dry clothes faster during winter

The Vienne has a power consumption level of 420-740W depending on the mode of operation which would cost approximately 10-20c/hour to run. This is 20 – 40% less than a portable air conditioner.

If you have solar power then you could run it during daylight hours for free.

Suited for large areas up to 42 sqm, the Vienne also has a built-in negative ion generator that helps to freshen and balance the air, and has an
antibacterial air filter.

One of the benefits of being a desiccant dehumidifier means that it is easy to maintain with no replaceable parts. It uses a zeolite desiccant that regenerates itself to continue dehumidifying.

Emptying the large 4.2 litre water tank is easy thanks to some clever design features, which include a continuous drainage option whereby the
supplied hose can take extracted water straight to a drainage source.

Various safety features allow the Vienne ION360 to operate unattended, such as fall-down, tank-full and abnormal temperature detection.

Other user benefits include a 12-hour timer, low noise levels of 35-46dB, and a carry handle to easily move it around the home.

Specifications are: 520mm (H) x 379mm (W) x 239mm (D) and it weighs 7.5kg.

It comes with a 2 year warranty and has an RRP of $549 from it’s distributor Andatech but is currently on sale for $450.