Smart home devices can add convenience, assistance, and cool-factor to your house, but they often cost a lot for very little.

Laser today announces an expansion to its Connect smart home range that can provide these things to your home on a budget.

All products in the Connect SmartHome range are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, or can be individually controlled via Laser’s dedicated app.


The Connect SmartHome lighting range includes controllable LED bulbs, fairy lights, and LED strips.

Bulbs start at $10 for white, or $15 for RGB, and can be activated, dimmed and scheduled.

Fairy lights come in full RGB with a range of effects, and can be dimmed – these retail for $59.95 for 7-metres, or $99.95 for 15-metres.

LED strips can be a great addition to shelving or feature walls, highlighting key decorations in your home, or adding safety lighting along passageways and stairs. Laser’s LED strips start at $29.95 for 2-metres, $69.00 for 5-metres, and $199.95 for a premium, high-brightness, sound-reactive strip.


Laser offers outdoor and indoor cameras, video doorbells, and smart locks that can provide peace of mind.

The wire-free outdoor cameras offer 1080p video recording and night vision, along with optional extras like solar panels that can reduce or eliminate the need to recharge. The base model goes for $149.95, a model including a solar panel retails for $199.95, and the top-end model with integrated floodlight and solar panel goes for $349.95.

Indoor cameras can be a great way to monitor your children or fur-children while away from the home. Laser’s range starts at $39.00 for the base model, $59.95 for an updated model, and $79.95 for a pan/tilt motorised camera.

Video doorbells can be an easy addition to your home security, keeping an eye on your front door and alerting you to visitors, while allowing you to communicate with two-way audio. Laser’s doorbell comes in black or white, and sells for $149.95.

Smart locks can be a great way to add convenient access to your home, while maintaining the security you need. Laser’s Smart Deadbolt offers passcode, fingerprint, access card, and key access, along with temporary access codes and notifications, and it fits into standard 60mm bolt holes. This model sells for $249.95.

Home & Garden

Smart power plugs can allow you to turn on almost any device remotely, meaning you can add convenience to your routine, like activating the coffee machine in the morning, or turning off your fan at night. Laser’s smart plug comes in at $19.95, or a 4-socket powerboard option for $49.95.

If you’re a bit of a green thumb, the Wireless Water Controller can attach to existing water networks like sprinkler systems, and add scheduling based on timers or even weather patterns. This system sells for $179.95.

Smart remotes have been around a while, but Laser’s one can combine with your smart home network to add functions like dimming the lights when you turn on the TV. It goes for $29.00.

Laser’s smart diffuser can freshen up your house with essential oils, or work without, and can be operated on a schedule if desired, and retails for $79.95.

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    Max Luong

    Do you know if these use the Tuya backend like all the rest of the smart home stuff sold at the other outlets?