Logitech’s Harmony remotes are oft considered the supreme universal remote, able to control all your infrared devices from one unit with ease. After 20 years, Logitech is giving these devices the axe, ceasing the manufacture of models across the entire Harmony line.

Software and support will still be provided to customers, but as supplier stock wanes, the remotes will eventually disappear.

Logitech’s blog post on the matter hasn’t provided a reason for nixing the remotes, but it’s possible that this is in response to more and more devices shipping with smart device control these days, such that the humble universal remote is no longer in demand.

Customers with older equipment might be out of luck though – with not many alternatives offering the compatibility, ease of programming and use that the Harmony line boasts.

It’s a sad day for the home theatre enthusiast.

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Does that mean that new devices will not be added to the database?


Pretty well accurate.
You’ll have no easy way to update your old Harmony remote with codes for new hardware, except for using remote to remote recording.


will wait for fire sale, it will still be useful for many IR devices


The big loss will be losing the way to load suites of device codes into a Logitech Harmony remote. I still have and use a v1 525. An IR only remote, it can control up to 15 devices.


Same here . I have one and a spare I got from a guy at work some years ago, Still work well.