We’ve talked a bit about home security on Ausdroid over the years, from connected doorbell cameras (like Ring and Arlo) to wireless cameras (same vendors) and other more high-end solutions like Swann CCTV systems. Reality is, in 2021, we’re as concerned about the security of our homes, families and loved ones as ever, and increasingly, some form of video surveillance is forming part of that mix.

Even now, the home 1080p security system is looking a little dated, and with a new offering from D-Link this week, there’s another option in the home / small business security space that is seriously worth considering.

It used to be that home security cameras (especially the wired kind) required long proprietary cables with BNC connectors, power connectors and more and installing them could be a bit of a chore. The new systems from D-Link (and other vendors, to be fair) are much more advanced – they’ve done away with the proprietary cameras, and it’s all IP these days, and most of the time, they’re powered by Power over Ethernet too.

Why’s this good? It means all you need to hook up a camera now is a Cat 6 cable, and that can be (just about) as long or as short as you want, making camera installation that much easier.

D-Link’s new Vigilance security offering combines this with a range of powerful cameras to ensure that your home, small or medium sized business is covered by the latest in video technology, capturing events in high detail, and making accessing old recordings (often a chore in the past) so much easier.

Starting with the DNR-4020-16P, D-Link offers a 16-port POE Network Video recorder which can support up to 16 indoor and outdoor cameras of various configurations. This unit includes a built-in gigabit ethernet port ensuring that users can record, stream and review video footage from 16 cameras at once, anywhere, any time with a web or app-based solution. With up to 16TB of storage as an option, keeping 4K content for weeks won’t be an issue.

There’s a range of new cameras too, including dome cameras with resolution up to 8MP, IP66 enclosures and POE to allow you to get the right camera in the right place, every time. There’s also more directional bullet cameras to cover specific areas, with corridor modes to cover more space, and privacy masking features to block out things you don’t want to see or record (for example, over a neighbour’s fence).

D-Link’s Vigilance solution is available now from www.dlink.com.au and authorised resellers across Australia and New Zealand. Pricing for the Network Video Recorder starts at $799.95 AUD, and the cameras range in price from $329.95 for the 2MP outdoor bullet camera to $679.95 for the 8MP outdoor dome camera.

Clearly, these are not cheap and cheerful security options, and the price alone may put them out of reach for some home / small business users. However, if your security is important to you, it’s important to do it right, and a decent setup (the average house probably only needs 3-4 cameras to cover important areas) might only cost you around the $2000 to $3000 mark.

Having more options in this space is always a welcome thing; it increases competition from other vendors and ultimately the consumer wins. I’d like to see D-Link put together some packages for the home / small business segment, but the flexibility of allowing you to mix and match to meet your exact requirements is also very welcome.