We’ve spoken a bit about automated vacuums in the past, and reviewed a good number including those from ECOVACS. There’s a new one joining that range, the DEEBOT T9+, which brings an on-board air freshener to the range.

Also included are the dual vacuuming and mopping functions we’ve come to expect, as well as an auto-empty station so you spend less time emptying your robot pal and more time letting it get to work on your dust and dropped food.

With a range of smart mapping and navigation technology, the T9+ should be able to avoid most of your floor-based obstacles, such as cats, kids, toys and stuff that shouldn’t be vacuumed up.

“Australians are seeking ever-smarter products that can make home care simpler, easier and more thorough than ever before. The launch of the DEEBOT T9+ with an industry-first air-freshener delivers consumers a breath of fresh air in their homes while epitomising our commitment to continuously introduce new and exciting functionality”

Karen Powell, Head of ECOVACS ROBOTICS for Australia and New Zealand

“We’ve also worked to upgrade and build upon our existing functionality to make sure every inch of floor surface in the home is covered. In addition to people’s homes, we also believe we are delivering a ‘breath of fresh air’ into the industry, raising the bar for both robotic vacuums and traditional floorcare alike.”

Most people would be familiar with robot vacuums that can suck up dirt and so on, and even the newer mopping feature – designed to lift stains – isn’t all that new anymore. However, an on-board air freshener that sprays directly onto the surface – good for pet smells – and a fan that spreads it around should leave your house smelling better than it does.

The freshener uses replaceable capsules which last a couple of months, and you can – at your leisure – turn the function on or off to extend the operating time.

On the vacuuming side, the T9+ offers 3000 Pa sucking power, which raises the bar – literally – in cleaning performance. That should suck the dirt right out of your carpet, wooden floors and more. The oscillating mopping function increases performance while reducing noise, so you can comfortably get your work done while the T9+ tidies up after you.

There’s lots of features, and we’ll be taking a T9+ for a spin soon to walk you through how a unit like this could fit into your smart home.

You can buy ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ starting at $1,299 from Godfreys, JB HiFi and The Good Guys, as well as online at ecovacs.com/au.