When you setup a new Oppo, Realme or OnePlus phone it asks it you to optionally signup for a HeyTap account.

I had never heard of this company which looks like a 3rd party app and themes store, so I asked Oppo’s Australian spokesperson to explain.

in late 2019 Oppo and it’s associated brands like Realme and OnePlus switched from having their own account login and cloud services to HeyTap instead.

At the time OPPO said it’s account system was migrated a HeyTap account to:

“Provide better Internet service. HeyTap is committed to becoming the user-preferred Internet services platform with a range of products on the market, including an App Market, Game Center, and Browser”.

They said that this is what users could do with HeyTap:

  • App Market – Download, install, update, and uninstall apps securely.
  • Browser – Browse news, good reads, videos and sites.
  • Theme Store – Download free or paid themes, wallpapers, ringtones, and fonts recommended for you. The theme store data will be stored in HayTap servers.
  • Game Center – Explore and download trending games games in your device and win game goodies.
  • Rewards – Participate in various activities to win points and redeem them for gifts.
  • HeyTap Account – Sign in to HeyTap Internet services with your HeyTap account.

The Australian OPPO spokesperson we spoke to recently said that:

“Customers can enjoy HeyTap Services, such as Account (ID), Theme Store, Lockscreen Magazine, and other services on the OPPO Phones sold via Australia’s official channels.”

“At OPPO our customer’s Personal Data Security and Privacy Protection is of the utmost importance. In order to offer the best features and service experiences, we collect the minimum and the necessary Personal Data in which the customer has granted.

We obey the Australia Personal Data Protection Laws & Regulations and implement the required security mechanism while storing and processing data to ensure privacy protection.”

“To deliver the Internet Services for OPPO customers in Australia, OPPO partners with BRAVO UNICORN PTE. LTD to deliver the HeyTap services.”

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Scott Bellairs

I recently imported a OnePlus Watch from China and unlike its global version which uses the dedicated OnePlus Health app, this version links into and pairs through HeyTap Health 🙂


was this site being renamed to oppodroid?

Chris Rowland

We discussed the change but decided against it.

Rather, we decided to share some information that we’d been asked about a few times for a brand that lots of Aussies are buying phones from.