Swann is generally recognised as one of the more budget-friendly, DIY home security options. But budget-friendly doesn’t mean you miss out on features, far from it in fact when you look at their latest offering. The Xtreem Security camera is a completely wire-free installation with long-life battery and an excellent feature set.

Matching the easy to set up and install options of other, more expensive brands the Xtreem camera can be set up in minutes. It can be connected as a stand alone camera or adding to an existing system. Impressively, they’re also fully integrated with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT to create routines and triggers for your home security and peace of mind.

The Xtreem Camera carries a host of features consistent with their other cameras that we’ve previously reviewed:

  • True Detect™ heat and motion sensing – Ensuring reliable alerts and fewer false alarms without subscription
  • 2-Way Talk – Letting you greet guests and talk to pets, or to warn intruders
  • Wide 110-degree view – To get a full picture with less cameras around your property
  • Infrared Night Vision – Allowing you to see in the dark up to 26ft / 8 metres
  • IP56 Weatherproof Rating – The camera can withstand rain, snow, and heat, all year

Having reviewed Swann cameras in the past, I can honestly say that their notifications are timely and the quality of feed is excellent. They’re worth the investment if you want some oversight into what is happening on your property when you’re not home or when you hear something strange at night.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the Xtreem Camera very soon and will give you a breakdown of its strengths, and weaknesses compared to other market competitors.

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    When you do a review, can you please also report if it supports ONVIF?

    This would be useful for owners of NVR’s as it would allow the camera to integrate with existing surveillance systems using open standards.