Let’s face it, Passwords suck. Creating passwords suck, managing passwords suck and helping others with their passwords may be the most frustrating tech support you can provide. While companies like Google are striving to move us beyond passwords the likelihood is they will always be in use somewhere.

To make passwords easier to use Password Managers have sprung up to take a lot of the pain out of the experience. Today Google announced several enhancements to the password manager built into Chrome and Android.

Google has previously announced that Password Manager would warn users if their passwords were in a data breach, now using Chome on Android you can be guided through changing your passwords quickly and easily. Right from the notification that you have an at-risk password, you can now launch a new UI that will log in and automatically change your passwords.

Unfortunately, this only works on supported sites, so while it may be helpful it won’t take all of the pain out of fixing issues. Hopefully, in time, either more websites will opt-in to supporting automatic password updates, or Google will find a machine learning solution to the problem.

At launch, automated passwords changes will only be available in the US but Google working to roll out the feature in more countries in the coming months.

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Chrome on Android, US only, and only on selected sites. I wonder, how long after going live, global, it will be, before this idea is paywalled into Google One?