On stage at Google IO 2021 yesterday one of the biggest consumer-facing announcements had to be the news that Wear OS was being harmonised with Samsung Tizen wearable OS and that the two companies would be working jointly in this space going forward. Today we have seen a rumour that the first device to launch using the updated Google Wearable platform may be the Samsung Galaxy Active 4.

What’s more, it looks like Samsung has been developing a new SOC for their devices, based on an ultra-small 5nm lithography. If real this chip should deliver ultra-efficient usage with longer battery life. This might be the first truly mass-market consumer-ready Smart Watch running Google’s wearable OS.

With Samsung now playing in the Wear hardware space, under the apparent branding Tizen-Wear OS gotta maintain its independence, Android finally has a chance to get a fully usable wearable ecosystem. The leak below shows what we might expect from Samsung’s first Wear OS device.

I have always liked wearables, and very much liked Wear OS 2.0, it has always been the hardware that let down the ecosystem. Perhaps now the world we have waiting for since Android Wear was announced on stage will become a reality, I for one am giddy with excitement for that potential future, and with Samsung’s hardware prowess, I’m even hopeful.

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Daniel Narbett

Yeah gotta say that does sound awesome


Samsung do make a very good watch, however the lack of apps has always been their Achilles heel. I look forward to this offering from Samsung and Google.


so no rotating bezel? purchased active 2 lte 44mm last week and still haven’t opened it yet. might return it now and wait for active 4

Mike Stevens

This sounds hot.