As part of the announcement for the Honor 50 Series of devices, Honor Germany confirmed via Twitter Google Services will return. The problem is, they then deleted the confirmation Tweet and like so many others, we’re unsure what that means.

The reply from user NickNyan translates to “With Google Services” which prompted a reply confirming that and noting another surprise. Since that time — as we said — the tweet confirming the return of Google services is gone. This could simply be that they weren’t supposed to release the information as yet, you would assume answers like that don’t come without knowledge.

This is a strong step in the right direction for Honor since the sanctions imposed by the previous US administration. It’s the first major device release since the Honor brand went independent from Huawei, allowing them to re-force partnerships. These partnerships include key names in mobile telecommunications such as Qualcomm and now Google.

If the Honor 50 makes its way to Australia, what specs and features will it need for you to consider purchasing one?

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    This title confused the hell out of me. It sounded like there was a tweet that confirmed that Honor Germany was going to delete the Google services from the new phones.