USB-C has undoubtedly been one of the best innovations for technology in recent years, the ability to have a single connector standard o handle most of your devices was transformative. This week the USB Implementors forum announced that the standard now includes the ability to charge up to 240W, a massive increase from the previous 100W limit.

This high charging capacity means the USB-C using USB Power Delivery (USB PD) can now charge all but the most power-thirsty of consumer devices, including many gaming laptops. The new Extended Power Range functionality EPR, unfortunately, requests both new cables and of course new power supplies to meet the 240W throughput.

While we welcome the growth of the standard, we wonder if the USB IF could perhaps release as little future-proofing in the cable specifications, perhaps beef them up a bit so we don’t always need new cables. Fragmentation concerns apart it has to be said the USB-C has done more to standardise digital power delivery than any other initiative, so overall we are very happy with the technology.

With chips becoming more power-efficient, and USB-C now able to deliver 240W, I think that all of my future tech including my laptops will now have to be USB C for me to spend my money on them. Now that the spec is out we should start to see USB EPR device later this year.