We’re filing this squarely in the ‘this should have happened years ago’ category. Google announced this morning that you can now directly save any compatible (which for now is only .JPEG images) attached image in an email (in Gmail) directly into Google Photos.

The new button is similar to the ‘ad to drive’ option that has existed for some time, when you hover over the new grey pinwheel icon you’ll see ‘save to photos’ pop up, click on it and well it will save it to photos. Seeing as Google photos doesn’t have a file structure there’s no option to organise.

One consideration will be how these images affect your storage, will there be an option to save in high quality to save space or will this new avenue of using up your 15GB of storage chew up the bits?

The feature is rolling out on the web and Mobile and should be available to all users within the next two weeks. With the limitations of only the JPEG format being supported, we’re not sure exactly how useful the feature will be. Hopefully, it will get further format compatibility soon.