Telstra MVNO Boost Mobile has just won two awards in Mozo’s annual People’s Choice Awards in the “Most Recommended” and “Network Reliability” categories of Mobile Plans.

The awards are as a result of surveying existing mobile telco consumers and their willingness to recommend a company, and then their confidence in its network reliability.

In an ever-cluttered environment where consumers have a wide range of choices, Boost Mobile is perhaps the ultimate hack – access to the full Telstra Mobile Retail Network (the biggest in the country – other MVNOs like ALDI use the smaller Telstra wholesale network) but with strong pricing deals that have now proven to keep its customers happy to the point that they would recommend.

Mozo’s annual People’s Choice Awards are based on real consumer feedback to reveal the companies favoured by Australian customers as delivering great value. Based on research conducted by IPSOS, a globally recognised leader in survey management, results were based on the responses from 3,973 consumers collected across March 2021.

In each area, people were asked to nominate the companies they use, and then to rank them out of 10 in a range of factors including overall customer satisfaction, whether they would recommend them to others, service and depending on the industry they were also asked to rate things like product range, delivery service, friendliness and trust.

Boost Mobile competed against 47 other providers to be recognised by its consumers as ‘Most Recommended’, also delivering the biggest year-on-year increase in the category among the top 13 surveyed brands.

It is a category that importantly highlights those companies that consumers would actively promote to family and friends based on their own experiences with a company.

Network reliability was also recognised with Boost Mobile again both winning and leading in the biggest year-on-year improvement against its 2020 data.

This continues to be a crucial area of assessment in Australia given the geographic spread of consumers in both metro and regional areas across the country, and most especially at a time when more people are working remotely than ever before.
It has also expanded its product line-up, delivering refurbished smartphones at a fraction of the price of brand-new options, and extending this most recently to include iPads and Apple Watches.

Jason Haynes, General Manager, Boost Mobile said:

“At Boost Mobile, we work hard to deliver great value products. To be recognised with these two Mozo People’s Choice Awards really validates how good our offers and service are for Australian consumers.”

“Acknowledgement from your own customers is the most valuable recognition possible so these awards are particularly meaningful to everyone at Boost Mobile. Especially when you look at the hugely competitive nature of our industry and how passionate many consumers are about their network coverage and value in mobile phone plans”.

“It highlights our belief that Aussies want a fair deal, a trusted brand and access to the biggest and best mobile network. We are not slowing down and will continue to fight for the best deals with more data, more coverage, more choice – and much more to come.”

Boost Mobile prepaid recharge offers are now available online or at one of 12,000 retail outlets Australia-wide including AusPost, BigW, Coles, JB HiFi, Kmart, Target, 7 Eleven and Woolworths.

Boost refurbished phones are available online. Boost refurbished phones are supported and supplied by Alegre. Alegre is a supplier of refurbished telecommunications devices and is the holder of a NSW second hand dealers license number 2PS11940.

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I’ve been with Boost Mobile on and off for years. I only left once because of a cracker of a Pixel phone and 2 year Optus plan deal that was too hard to refuse. I hate postpaid, too many bills and issues. Buying a prepaid yearly plan from Boost means one large outlay then for the remainder of the year occasionally check your Boost app to ensure you still have plenty of data. When it’s prepaid you never seem to have any issues/bill shock, or things that don’t make sense, just pay your money then do it again next year!!… Read more »


This must be because Boost support is far better than Telstra support. Other than that, being the same network its a strange award. Of course, offering better bang-for-buck would help.


Telstra staff do Boost support so that is highly unlikely

Daniel Narbett

Yep Boost in their current Telstra incarnation are great – though no 5g yet as far as I know

ahmad kishani

this is the most stupid award iv ever seen

boost mobile dont have a network in australia

they are using telstra network lol

who decided this ?


Mozo must get a better cut for recommendations. Something is fishy I feel.


If ‘mozo’ and their supposed ‘people’s choice’ awards is such a Big Deal, then why haven’t we heard anything of it, until now?