When the Atari VCS came to our attention it brought back childhood memories. If you’re of a certain vintage, odds are it will do the same for you. But this time around, it’s capable of so much more than just playing cartridge games.

With a focus on retro reborn, the VCS comes with access to over 100 old school Atari games. It even has a joystick that looks to be a near-identical replica of the original except for one change… no wires. The whole system has been modernised, offering a modern style controller as well as the joystick control.

It runs as a PC too simply by rebooting into PC mode. This makes it useful to run double duty as a simple desktop for web, email and content streaming. This is not a pre-installed operating system though, offering users the chance to run their preferred OS. The hardware is certified as compatible with Windows 10, Ubuntu and ChromeOS via a bootable USB stick.

The combination of upgradability — M.2 SSD socket and standard SODIMM memory slot — and peripheral compatibility via Bluetooth or USB makes this a versatile user experience. We are aware that the device is coming to Australia, with availability and pricing to be advised. With the US$399.99 price, we’re not expecting users to get much change from AU$600.00.

Australian Pricing confirmed: $849.95

Given the versatility and nostalgia of the device, would you buy an Atari VCS at this price?

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$850 for a freakin’ Atari. WTF are the executurds smoking to think Aussies will shell out that much?