Just weeks after IO, which would have been a perfect launch platform, Google has officially announced their third set of wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds A-Series. The USD$99 earbuds have been launched in the USA and Canada with the rest of us left with nothing but a ‘Long waiting list’ button.

Overall the new Pixel Buds bear a striking resemblance to the last set with a similar design, although they are only available in Clearly White or Dark Olive, both coming in the same eggshell plastic charging case. Despite the reduced cost, Google is touting that they have a rich sound and great calls.

The custom-designed 12-nm speaker is tuned using Gooogle AI magic and have been designed by ‘scanning thousands of ears to create the perfect fit for sound and comfort……. we’re not sure one size ever fits all. The Buds A also have adaptive sound to compensate for the lack of Active Noise Cancellation where the Buds will dynamically change the volume to compensate for background noise.

One feature we are very pleased with is the individual pairing of the buds back to your main device. This should mean that you can use the L or R bud independently, something we wish all wireless earbuds makers would implement.

Battery wise the Pixel Buds A-Series includes 5 hours of playback between charges and up to 24 hours total with the charging case. Between sessions, 15 minutes of charging will give you a 3-hour top-up. This battery life doesn’t really compare with devices like the Jabra Elite or Galaxy Bud range.

Of course, the buds come integrated with the Google Assistant, when tethered to your phone for data of course. On top of Hey Google hot word detention, the Buds A have brought real-time translation back, with 40 languages available.

Overall Google seems to be pitching the Pixel Buds A-Series as a mid-range mid-priced device. With similar styling to previous earbuds, no ANC and moderate battery life these feel like they would complement the mid-range 2020 range of Pixel phones well.

The Pixel Buds A-Series will start shipping in the USA and Canada on June 16, as for the rest of us, will be asking Google. You can join the waiting list here.

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    Gen 1 and 2 are really bad except in reviews, can’t recommend these


    “Loin waiting list”…
    “customer designed”

    Proofread your article.