Regardless of your thoughts on the platform, Tinder is really popular among the young and single. The danger though is that you may come across a friend or family member while merrily swiping. Tinder is rolling out a new feature that allows you to block personal contacts without fear of a familiar face popping up.

Within the app settings, you can add your contacts to the app and tag those you don’t want to see. Whether it’s your ex, a work colleague or a close friend; they’ll be blissfully unaware you’ve blocked them. The feature is well thought out in that you can pre-emptively block contacts even if they’re not currently on the app.

Bernadette Morgan, Group Product Manager, Trust & Safety at Tinder said

We’re rolling out Block Contacts as an additional resource empowering members with peace of mind by helping create a worry-free space for them to spark new connections.

Not having used the platform, it came as a surprise to me the number of users who’ve had that awkward moment of seeing someone they know. Preventing that will surely make Tinder a safer place for everyone, preventing some potential for predatory behaviour.