We are big fans of the dream of Family Link, a portal to help control and manage your children’s online access and safety. Unfortunately, the reality of the service falls far short of the mark with many a frustrating decision or missing feature.

In an email, to Family Link families Google has announced that now children with Family Link accounts can use their Google Accounts to sign into 3rd party Websites. This will allow parents greater control and transparency over what sites their kids are signing up to.

Accessible either in the Android app or on the Google Families website, you can choose whether you get notified for every request or allow your children to access sites who make minimal data request.

You can also see what sites and services have access to your kid’s account and manage those as you feel best meets your kid’s needs. OF course, being able to sign up using a Google account doesn’t stop them from signing up for a full account using their own username and password, so as always Family link is a great tool but doesn’t replace the need to supervise your kids activities online.