Google renamed their paid productivity suite from G-Suite to Workspaces in October 2020 and since then they have slowly started integrating more collaboration tools into the product line, whether you wanted them or not. Now, Google has created Workspace Individuals, ostensibly targeting Small Business types.

There are no details on pricing or an exact launch date, however, we do know the six launch markets, and Australia is among them. Launching ‘later this year’ Workspaces Individual will initially be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan.

We would caution anyone from converting their primary Google Account into a Workspaces account. It would probably be a very bad idea.

Firstly there are more than a few quirks, with many Google features not working with Workspace accounts and that can be a nasty shock.

Secondly, after we migrated Ausdroid to Workspaces we found we could not migrate back, and were stuck either paying for the service (most of the features we don’t actually use) or abandoning Gmail entirely.

It would be well worthwhile to check what features you get for the price, and decide whether it’s something you need very carefully .. as with many things, there’s no turning back.