Chromebooks are a surprisingly useful device to have in your life, particularly if most of your computer activity is web-based. The broad functionality for users — particularly those invested in the Google platform — is simple to use across the board. Whether you’re new to ChromeOS, upgrading or simply adding to your tech kit a Chromebook quickly becomes a daily use item.

JB Hi-Fi has the IdeaPad Slim 3 11″ HD Chromebook for just $199.00 at the moment. This is $150 off the normal RRP of $349.00 making it quite the bargain. It’s not a powerhouse device, driven by a Celeron N4020 processor, carrying 32GB of storage and 4GB RAM. The reality though is Chromebooks just don’t need it because ChromeOS is so cut down.

It’s likely to be a clearance that won’t last too long, so head online or in-store to your local JB Hi-Fi if you’re keen on this bargain.

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Reading Ausdroid on my 3 day old Chromebook. Went for a Lenovo Flex 5 i5 laptop as a “large” tablet and it is amazing for reading Ausdroid. Great deal. I was concerned i might need a Windows based laptop but not so. Windows in a VM is a possibility.

$200 for a cheap notebook for Linux, not too shabby.

So much for being hopeful of being able to nuke that jumped up web browser pretending to be an OS, and make a Real Laptop out of it.