TCL has been expanding their product offerings across a range of digital goods, today at MWC (COVID inspired June edition) they unveiled several new products ranging from a Smartwatch to a 5G Router and a wearable OLED Display. What’s more, TCL has confirmed they intend to bring many of the devices down under.

TCL NXTWEAR G – Wearable Display

Kicking off the line-up is what looks to be a very compelling wearable display. When attached at a USB C display out port, the OLED Glasses create a 140-inch display with a 16:9 display ratio and a 47degree Field of view.

Built into the arms are dual speakers for an immersive sound experience. These glasses are not AR nor VR, they create a solid virtual display, creating an effect of a 140-inch display at 4 meters.

The glasses are not designed to completely obscure your view, providing peripheral vision outside the lenses allowing you to maintain awareness of your surroundings. The glasses are compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops from all major OEMs.

The TCL NXTWEAR G will be available in Australia from next month with pricing and availability to be announced.

TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2

The MOVETIME Family Watch 2 is TCLs second-generation kids watch, and increasingly popular category these days. The 4G enabled GPS floating smartwatch is packing a 1.54-inch full-colour display and a 2MP camera.

Internally it’s got Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, a dual-core SOC, 850 mAh battery with Micro USB Charging and is built on top of Android 4.4. The MOVETIME 2 will launch in Europe in August with an international rollout to be advised.


With 5G towers becoming more widespread there is a growing interest in Wireless Home Broadband delivered by 5G. Unfortunately for those living on the outer edge of a towers range that’s not a possibility. That’s where a CPE or Customers Premises Equipment device comes in, basically, it’s a combination Antenna and wireless modem in one designed to be installed in the great outdoors.

The LINKHUB 5G outdoor CPE has inbuilt 4×4 MIMO capabilities supported by built-in directional antennas. Intended for external mounting facing a distant 5G tower, the 5G CPE can extend the usable range of the existing 5G infrastructure.

Once installed a LAN cable is run back into the house and connected to a Wireless router or a local network, using a 5G SIM the CPS can achieve 4.67Gbps over sub-6GHz. With an IP 67 rating and operational temperature ranging from -40°C to 55°C it will work I an wide variety of locals.

While not necessarily needed in Metro Areas for regional and rural communities a device such as this could be the difference between having a 5G home option and not. Considering the atrocious state of the Australian NBN any device that provides more options to remote and rural communities is ok in our book.

Multiscreen Collaboration

While not a new device TCL unveiled their new Multiscreen Collaboration tools for cross-device interaction. Using the new TCL tools you can seamlessly interact with lies on your TCL android device on either another Android Phone or Tablet or a Windows PC.

The demonstration looks very compelling with the host device essentially being integrated into the UI allowing full interaction with files including drag and drop between platforms. While the proof is in the pudding we have to admit this looks to be an excellent implementation.

TCL also showed off deeper integration with their line of TVs allowing TCL devices to easily stream local content from a phone to the TV with the phone staying linked as a remote. While I have to admit I prefer a proper lean back UI experience, having the option to get content from your phone to the TV when wanted is great.

It’s interesting to see TCL playing, and playing well in so many spaces. It’s clear that TCL is not so slowly making a play to be considered a real contender in the ecosystem wars, what’s more, they’re doing it a more affordable price points. WE will provide more details o Australian pricing and availability for these devices and products as they become available.

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The wearable display sounds interesting, but I wonder how viable it will be, for folks who have to wear prescription glasses?


Very good point