Remember the good old days when you just got a simple discount on your gift cards? Nowadays it’s all about getting reward points that you then cash in for a discount on your next purchase. Nostalgic regret aside you can effectively get a $50 Google Play Gift Card 10% off this week at Woolworths.

Everyday Rewards Members will receive 10000 points, equal to $5 value, for each $50 Gift card bought in a single transaction. The terms actually state that it is for any preloaded denomination so you may get points equal to 10% for all Google Play Gift Card.

While 10% isn’t huge money I often buy these to pay for my YouTube Premium family plan and Google One subscriptions, 10% off is still 10% off. So if you have a Google Subscription of some sort, and you’re heading to the shops anyway, current COVID travel restrictions observed, then why not pick up a card of two. The discounts are in effect from 30/6/21 to 7/6/21.

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    I have to say, it bugs me a little that Apple giftcards so often have good discounts, but Google ones very rarely do.