Well it’s leak time again and thanks to Giznext, we’re getting a look at the Samsung Z Flip 3 5G. The device looks to be an evolutionary step over the previous model with the look staying true to the previous generation.

The renders show us a few little changes, the most prominent of these is the larger external screen. A change that will (hopefully) make it genuinely useful on a daily basis. The leak also confirms that there are number of colours heading to consumers this time around including:

  • Dark green
  • Light violet
  • White
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Dark blue

For now, that’s about all we get from this latest leak with specs previously leaked and — somewhat — consistent in the reporting. We don’t have to wait long to know for sure because if the information is correct, the release is expected on August 3rd this year. The price is expected to be around $1,862.00 (based on today’s currency conversion) without the Australian tax though, so don’t expect much change from $2,200 or so.