From July 1st, new and existing MATE mobile customers will receive added value on all existing post-paid plans bringing them into line with the more competitive MVNO’s on the 3G/4G Telstra Wholesale network (which has less coverage than the Telstra/BOOST 3G/4G network).

• Good Mates – 10GB data, $20, 150GB of data banking
• Better Mates – 20GB data, $25, 200GB of data banking
• Great Mates – 30GB data, $30; 250GB of data banking
• Best Mates – 40GB data, $35, 300GB of data banking
• Soul Mates – 50GB data, $40, 350GB of data banking
• Elite Mates – 70GB data, $50, 400GB of data banking

The main points of difference between MATE and other Telstra Wholesale mobile MVNO’s is that:

  • MATE says their local Australian customer service is superior
  • MATE gives all mobile customers with plans higher than $20 a free 12-month TIDAL Music subscription
  • NBN + Mobile Bundles are possible with MATE offering a bundle of SIM-only plan with an NBN plan for $10 off your NBN service for the life of the plan.

Other more standard features include:

  • Unlimited calls to standard national numbers;
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS to standard Aussie numbers;
  • Databanking, so any unused data is stored for future use for as long as customers stay with their plan or upgrade to a new plan (available in December);
  • Unlimited international calls to 15 countries on all plans except $20 Good Mates (available in December and incl. China, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam)

If you’ve tried MATE Mobile or NBN broadband please let us know what your experience was like in the comments.