When we were approached to review the Unagi E500 dual motor electric scooter a couple of months ago, I have to say I was a little surprised; it’s not the kind of thing we’d usually write about. There’s also the little issue of questionable legality (at least here in New South Wales) of using powered scooters on public paths and roadways.

I figure we’re on a quiet suburban street, we can give this thing a burl and see how it goes .. and simply note that, if you ride it in places you shouldn’t, perhaps you’d need to be a little careful.

So, what is this thing?

Priced at $1,699, this isn’t a cheap kickscooter for your kids to ride at the local skate park. Rather, it’s a 500W scooter that’ll move you around up to 25km/h (faster if you get on a hill) with a range of around 25 km (depending on how heavy you are, you mightn’t get quite that far).

“The Unagi E500 Dual Motor electric scooter enables people to get out and about in their city whilst being more environmentally friendly. This scooter is an easier and more efficient way to travel whilst boasting a minimalistic chic design” said George Saad, Chief Operating Officer of Panmi.

The Model One E500 is designed for people who want to keep it light and easy. This scooter is sleek and lightweight whilst also being elegant and made from premium materials. The Model One E500 showcases an innovative design with advanced engineering techniques and only weighs 12kg, making it easy to carry and extremely portable.

The zero-emission scooter can ride up to 25km and has three different riding modes. This
scooter can ride up hills with an incline of 15 degrees. It also features LED headlights for ultimate safety.

And yes, we’ve tried it during the day, the night, the sun and the rain, and it works equally well at all times. Perhaps my only gripe is that it’s not exactly designed for the larger folks, and so I found that it didn’t quite accelerate quite so quickly for me as it did for others.

Despite that, this is one powerful ride; at just 12kg, it packs a front and rear 250W motor and you can use one or both of these depending on how quickly you want to move (and how much power you want to use). It charges in 4-5 hours and can keep you amused for an hour or two depending on how you ride it.

For us? We just rode it around the neighbourhood quietly and slowly to keep things safe. You? You could ride it around your house, your uni campus, around your office complex … the sky (or the road) is the limit here.

Should you get one? Well yeah, it’s a heap of fun, and a great way to get some fresh air when you don’t really feel like going for an actual walk/jog/run/whatever. Given how few opportunities we get to leave the house at the moment due to various lockdowns around the country, it’s a great way to get out of the home office for a little while.

You can grab one for $1,699 from UnagiScooters.com.

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Max Luong

For the price, there are a lot of alternatives, as long as you don’t prioritise size and weight.

I recently bought a Kaabo Mantis 10 which has a 600W motor, large 10″ pneumatic tyres and dual suspension for the same price as the Unagi E500.


Chris, the headlessline on this article reads like you’re promoting breaching lockdown.