TPG Telecom (the company behind Vodafone in Australia) has announced the acquisition of additional 5G spectrum from Dense Air. This acquisition increases TPG Telecom’s 3.6 GHz spectrum holdings from 60 MHz to 90 MHz in Adelaide and 95 MHz in Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

In Sydney and Melbourne, TPG Telecom will acquire 5 MHz of 3.6 GHz spectrum, increasing its holdings to 65 MHz after the transaction.

TPG Telecom CEO Iñaki Berroeta said the spectrum acquisition will mean an enhanced 5G experience for customers of the company’s mobile network:

For our mobile and home wireless customers, this additional mid-band 5G spectrum will mean a significant boost in speeds through increased capacity.

This spectrum acquisition will enhance our 5G customer experience and set us up for future customer growth as we roll out our 5G home internet service to meet customer demand for NBN alternatives.

As this spectrum is immediately adjacent to our existing 5G spectrum holdings, it can be deployed quickly and without significant cost.

TPG Telecom is rolling out its 5G network in major cities, targeting 85 per cent population coverage in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra by the end of this year. To be clear, though this isn’t 85% of population coverage across Australia – that would be a mammoth increase of footprint by TPG and it’s not what they’re doing. Rather, this is 85% of population in major cities covered – something much more achievable and in keeping with TPG / Vodafone’s existing coverage focus.

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