Over the last few years, we have seen the explosion in wire-free or wireless headphones and earbuds but more so over the last 16 months these categories have grown exponentially given the current pandemic known as COVID and more and more people are working from home and needing more options for audio and microphone solutions.

So when OPPO announced their Enco wireless earbuds range, we here at Ausdroid thought we should try them out and our next product review of the range is the Enco Free2 wireless earbuds. We have already reviewed the Enco Air earbuds which you can check out if you haven’t already.

What’s in the box and design?

The OPPO Enco Free2 box is very much similar in size, albeit a slightly bigger box than the Enco Air earbuds. Opening and seeing the case, this time it is an all-white colour scheme, though the design of the case which houses the internal battery storage, the earbuds to charge them, is that whilst it is an off oval shape, the sides are flatter than rounded like what is on the Enco Air earbuds.

The case also houses a USB-C port on the bottom whilst on the right is a pairing button. On the front of the charging case, a single LED light provides notifications like low battery and charging timeframes. The box also includes again a 10cm USB Cord which is ok, but I find it a little too small so ended up using a longer USB-C cord I already had.

There are also the usual instructional booklets included and two additional size rubber tips to help you find the right fit for the earbuds to be placed into your ears comfortably and securely.

What are they good at?

The Enco Free2 is pretty damn clear offering clear vocals and just the right amount of bass. One thing I particularly like is the ability to change the volume — albeit a little hit or miss — without taking the phone out of your pocket.

Coupled with the call controls and the clear audio at the other end of the call, OPPO have delivered well. Granted there still can be the odd background noise but this is compensated by the inclusion of 3 microphones on earbuds, so combined that’s six that ensures crystal clear audio when on phone calls but also ensure background and white noise is reduced when listening to your favourite tracks or podcasts.

What aren’t they good at?

Changing the volume on the earbuds by sliding your finger up or down on the earbuds can sometimes trigger the ANC features, between noise cancelling and transparency.

Sadly there is no wireless charging available so if you’re looking for this option then you might want to look elsewhere. Wired charging can take up to 90 minutes for a full charge to the earbuds and the case. That result is acceptable, but I would have expected results to be slightly faster.

There’s an app for that?

Setting up the Enco Free2 earbuds can be done via the HeyMelody app which is available to download from the Google Play Store for free, which can help you set up and pair the buds to your smartphone, but also provide firmware updates to the Enco Free2 earbuds as well which was available when I paired the earbuds to my phone through the app.

Through the app, you can conduct what the app calls ‘Earbud fit test’ which will find the best fit for your earbuds, granted you may have to change the soft rubber end on the earbuds but it enables you to find the best fit for you. The app also guides you through a personalised sound boost which will find the best sound balance for your ears. It feels a bit like having an ear test where you’re listening to some faint noise to find the best experience for your music and more.

There is also the ability to switch on and off the personal noise cancellation based on the above features if you wish to either use it or not. You can quickly change the equaliser from classic, dynamic Bass, clear vocals or just plain clear options.

The app also gives you battery notices and notifications for the battery percentages for each earbud and the case.

You can also use the app to set up the various controls for each earbud such as what functions to control:

  • Single tap – Play/Pause
  • Double tap – Play/Pause, Previous, Next (track)
  • Triple tap – Voice Assistant, Game Mode
  • Touch and hold – Noise Cancellation on or off, Transparency Mode
  • Slide Control – Volume Control, Switch Track

You can check out the HeyMelody app via the link below:

Developer: HeyTap
Price: Free

Should you consider purchasing one?

Honestly, I have to say that the Enco Free2 earbuds are certainly a big improvement over its cheaper cousin, the Enco Air earbuds. I was impressed and the Enco Free2 ticked off the bucket list for the type of wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank too much when compared to similar ANC earbuds on the market.

The OPPO Enco Free2 wireless earbuds are available in white colour only from the OPPO Australian website for $199.

OPPO Enco Free2
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ausdroid-reviews-oppo-enco-free2-wireless-earbudsOver the last few years, we have seen the explosion in wire-free or wireless headphones and earbuds but more so over the last 16 months these categories have grown exponentially given the current pandemic known as COVID and more and more people are working...