Given the release schedule that Google normally keeps and the volume of leaks, it shouldn’t surprise anyone we’re getting a new Pixel. Two to be more accurate, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are both set for release soon. What this has prompted is a release of a pile of information from Google about the devices.

What are we getting?

It has now been confirmed that we’ll get two devices, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The full specs of both devices are yet to be released but we do know a lot already. Of course, both new devices will carry the latest version of Android at launch: Android 12, but there’s a lot more we know about them as well.

The Pixel 6 specs we know:

  • A 6.4-inch FHD+ 90Hz display
  • Google’s first “Tensor” Titan M2 Chip
  • Under-display fingerprint sensor
  • Red/sand, Blue/green and Gray/black colour options
  • A revamped dual camera system including standard and ultrawide lenses
  • Supposed “all day” battery life – but we’ll let you know for sure when review units arrive

The Pixel 6 Pro is said to carry:

  • A 6.7-inch QHD+ 120Hz curved edge display
  • Google’s first “Tensor” Titan M2 Chip
  • Under-display fingerprint sensor
  • Gray/black, Sand/yellow and Gray/light Gray
  • A new camera setup that has Standard, Ultrawide and a 4x Telephoto lens array
  • Again, claims of “all day” battery life

Interestingly, there is very little information about the camera setups at this time other than there are new lenses and improved light capture capabilities.

What is the Tensor chip?

In a blog post by Rick Osterloh and shared by Sundar Pichai, the details behind design and some of the engineering of the chip have been shared.

Tensor was built for how people use their phones today and how people will use them in the future. As more and more features are powered by AI and ML it’s not simply about adding more computing resources, it’s about using that ML to unlock specific experiences for our Pixel users.

The team that designed our silicon wanted to make Pixel even more capable. For example, with Tensor we thought about every piece of the chip and customized it to run Google’s computational photography models. For users, this means entirely new features, plus improvements to existing ones.

Tensor enables us to make the Google phones we’ve always envisioned — phones that keep getting better while tapping the most powerful parts of Google, all in a highly personalized experience. And with Tensor’s new security core and Titan M2, Pixel 6 will have the most layers of hardware security in any phone.

What else do we know?

In comments made to The Verge, Rick Osterloh noted that this is a premium product and will be priced accordingly. What this means for costs in Australia isn’t clear yet, but I’d wager we’re talking ultra-premium device pricing of $1,600 or more for the Pixel 6, potentially nudging the $2,000 mark for the Pro.

While that’s not the best of news, we can happily confirm that the Australian Google Store has a landing page for the new devices already live. It’s fair to expect that these will also be available at the usual retail outlets once the phone is available in Australia.

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Adam M

I have loved my Nexus and Pixel phones, currently on a Pixel 5. But if $1600+ becomes the normal entry point for Pixel, I’ll be looking elsewhere in future. They are great, but the marginal gains just aren’t worth that extra for me.


Could always wait a month or two and get one lightly used? They don’t generally hold their value well so could be an easy way to get a few hundred off?


Been on board the google phone train since nexus days and always been a great way to show friends you don’t need a iphone or samsung to get a decent phone at a decent price with a great camera. I’m due for a upgrade as currently on the pixel 4 so was looking forward to the 6 but with all the new tech and increased size. It sounds like its going to be in the iphone or samsung pricing which sucks, but can see why they want to be on the same level so hopefully the official price wont be… Read more »


Good to the see some Pixel announcements rolling out. Now just to announce the 5a. It’s almost impossible to buy a recent Pixel model in Australia at the moment – certainly nothing available from any official stores with all the 5 and 4a models all sold out everywhere for the past month or 2.


5a isn’t coming to AU.


pixel 5a to be released in limited markets due to components shortage. last i heard it was only us and japan


Yes, I was hopeful those rumours didn’t manifest into reality…


Gimme that Pixel 6 Pro!


But $2000? I know iPhones cost heaps too but this is nuts. Pixel 5 was $999 starting. Hoping the 6 Pro will be say $1499 and not $1799 or something… I’m keen on the 6 Pro but may need to wait for Black Friday sale or some 20-25% off before I pull the trigger.