realme has checked out Apple’s Magsafe and Mophie’s new snap magnetic charging adapters and thought to itself 15W charging is way too slow, let’s blow people away with a 50W magnetic charger.

Oppo sub-brand realme unveiled some ideas for new Android phone magnetic wireless charging solutions overnight. Headlining the showcase was realme’s MagDart, a 50W magnetic wireless charging solution and the first of its kind for Android.

The products were unveiled as part of an innovation showcase into future technologies, with pricing and commercial launch dates yet to be confirmed.

Andy Yang, realme Australia Managing Director, says the showcase acts as a testament to the company’s commitment to bringing fast charging to new technologies.

“We know that consumers are time poor and don’t want to be waiting around for their phone to charge. Last year, realme unveiled its world’s leading 125W SuperDart charger. This year, we’re building on that to bring fast charging solutions to the world of magnetic wireless charging. With realme, we’re determined to make low battery anxiety a thing of the past – even in a wireless world.”

The 50W MagDart charger features an active air cooling system that keeps the mainboard and coil temperatures at a reasonable level. This is achieved through a compact and powerful fan that quickly removes heat by drawing a large airflow into the charger. As a result it can maintain the charging power at a high level for a longer duration of time.

The 15W MagDart Charger is only 3.9mm, 26.4% thinner than the MagSafe Charger, but it is still faster than MagSafe due to its Separated Coil & Board design. Through the unique design, the mainboard and the coil are located at opposite ends of the charging plug and charging pad respectively. Not only does this enable a thinner, more compact design, it also reduces heat generation – thus providing longer high power charging hours, which can charge the 4500mAh battery from 0 to 100% in 90 mins, much faster than the rival product.

In addition to the new MagDart technology, the smartphone maker demoed the realme Flash concept phone, the first Android smartphone that supports magnetic wireless charging, and several other magnetic charging accessories.

The realme Flash concept phone features a 4500mAh battery capacity and can support up to 50W of MagDart wireless charging. This means the phone can charge from 0 to 20% in just 5 mins, 0 to 100% in just under an hour, nearly the same as realme’s 50W SuperDart wired charger.

2-in-1 MagDart Power Bank & charging base – paired together to form a vertical charging station, the 2-in-1 platform allows you to charge your phone and battery bank at the same time. Need charge on the go? The stylish white vegan leather and aluminium power banks easily attaches to the smartphone.

MagDart Beauty Light – is a ring light designed for portrait photography. It can be easily connected to the phone via MagDart and powered via smartphone reverse charging to provide an extra soft flashlight when taking selfies.

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Daniel Narbett

Oh my! The charger is sleek and pretty but the tub of liquid nitrogen needed to cool that sucker properly may be inconvenient to lug around. That said, I wants one anyway 😉


Even if the charger is able to survive such a necessary cooler, will your smartphone?