This is something a little bit different to kick off a cool Tuesday morning, heated wearables. Yes, there’s plenty of them out there but the number that has some decent smarts is pretty limited. Quanta Vici have a couple of apparel that has just that, some smarts.

For anyone that spends time out in the elements, you know that your hands and feet are vital to keeping warm. If they get cold, you’ll get cold very quickly: That’s where the smart heated gloves and smart heated socks come into play. They’re heated to keep your hands and feet warm, but not just to a pre-set temperature because they’re adjustable.

Through the app, you’re able to adjust the temperature — to a toasty top of 55c — of your wearables to maximise the comfort level and battery life of up to 6.5 hours. Obviously, by increasing the temperature, you’re going to reduce the battery life. The immediate concern I had when reading about these, is durability. Given both the gloves and socks are IP67 (take the battery out first) rated, you’ll be fine to keep them clean and ready to use. Add into the fray, USB-C charging and you’ve got a pretty solid setup to stay warm in winter.

Of course, we’re past the depth of our winter here in Australia at the moment but there is always next year. These aren’t cheap items to buy with the gloves costing US$270.00 and the socks US$256.00. They’re definitely items that are an investment for people that really need them, but looked like something a few Aussies who suffer in the cold may appreciate.