If you’re invested in a smart home setup, the odds are you may well have a smart screen. The odd there further shorten to Alexa vs Assistant, where — depending on your viewpoint — there are advantages to both options. If the information posted on Reddit recently is anything to go by, users weighing up their options, may soon look more strongly to assistant.

The changes come shortly after Google and Nest Hubs were updated to Fuchsia OS: A change which didn’t bring any noticeable changes to daily functionality, however, the pathway forward is emerging in the smart home space. The specific information found on Reddit, shows a Nest Hub Max with a popup app menu.

The app grid is similar to that which you’ll find on an Android Auto unit, with only the apps that are compatible listed for use. At this point you can already call specific Google apps or actions by voice, but the decision to take the functions on to a touch interface is very interesting. Whether this is a new direction, or just an early test that shouldn’t have gone public – we’ll know soon enough.