Back in July, we took a — very early — look at the upcoming game from developer Roll 7, Olli Olli World. During the early access, we noted that one of the missing features was to customise your own character.

It’s unclear if this was already in the works, but the team have taken the challenge and, in the final version, you’ll be able to do just that. The options range from body shape, physical size and appearance options like dress sense.

For those of you switched on to such things, you will notice the word “unlock” in the video above. Whether this means that you’ll have to complete challenges or there are micro-transactions, this isn’t exactly clear at the moment. Regardless, based on my experience – it’s a lot of fun for all ages and I’m looking forward to the final release.

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Your summation line at the end of this article is incorrect, Phil.
For anyone who does not use Steam on PC, the game demo is still no fun at all. It is no fun at all, because without Steam on PC, you can’t play the demo.
Platform exclusivity is Bad Evil Wrong.