Like a lot of people on the go, I’m constantly trying to balance convenience and functionality with the tech I carry. So now, if something is going to make the list it must be versatile. Recently the Sandisk extreme Pro V2 made the list and today another contender has emerged: The ATEN USB-C Travel Dock with power pass-through.

The device (model UH3238) is setup with a host of connectivity options:

  • Audio Output
  • 2 x USB-A and USB-C (Thunderbolt 3)
  • 4K HDMI output

It’s remarkably small for what it offering users and — we’re told — will land in Australia for $89.90 at the usual retailers. From a connectivity perspective, if it’s USB-C it’s probably going to work with the site listing Android, iPad, Windows and Mac as compatible operating systems. Whether it’s the daily commute and workflows, or to minimise your travelling tech kit it does look good. We’ll be keen to take a closer look when units are available.

How would a pocket-sized dock like this benefit you daily?

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On my q4 2019 Lenovo 15in IdeaPad C340, that dock would actually not be a lot of help. On the left side of the unit, where the USB C port is, the dock would cover the existing 1/8in headset socket and HDMI ports of the laptop, and possibly interfere with the power connector. For cellphone, or Samsung tablet use, the dock really needs to be made as part of an angled stand to put the device on. On my Nokia 6.1 phone, I’d want to use the dock with a short USB C male to female cable, so the speaker… Read more »