Routines are very useful when it comes to controlling your smart home. You’re really only limited in what you can achieve by your imagination and the integrated controls your hardware has. Simple routines such as “we’re leaving” can trigger for all lights, aircon and other connected hardware to be turned off or “I’m home” can trigger lights on, a garage door to open and your music of choice to start playing.

In the Google platform though, there is another issue: You can’t set a time delay on routine triggers. If the detail spotted by one Reddit user is accurate, then this will not be the case for much longer.

The new option — not yet available on our devices — is available after adding an action to delay triggering actions. This could add the capacity to turn lights on and off randomly once you’ve left, turn kids lights off at night or your coffee machine to trigger as part of your morning routine.

The changes to routines are very welcome by users who readily use routines, how will you use them to improve the automation in your life?