We’ve all heard about unlimited plans, from back in the early 2000s when unlimited plans didn’t really mean unlimited, to the more recent advent in the mobile plan space where unlimited meant as much data as you like, but only at a capped speed.

Well, it looks like 2021 is the year we ditch that concept too, with Vodafone announcing an actually unlimited mobile plan, which for $85 a month gives you unlimited data at full speed (or, really, whatever speed your mobile connection can deliver you).

Vodafone’s Ultra+ plan is available for purchase in-store and online, when customers sign up to a SIM-only plan or pair it with a handset plan.

Chief Marketing Officer John Casey said Vodafone was making mobile simple, hassle-free and better value than ever.

“This is an all-you-can eat mobile data plan for just $85 per month, it’s that simple. Customers want to set and forget their telco plan, and this gives them unlimited mobile data at maximum available speeds, as well as unlimited standard national calls and texts.

This means customers can stream, browse and connect on their mobile without giving data limits a second thought. With millions of Australians at home in lockdown, there’s never been a more important time to create a great value worry-free experience.”

Mr Casey said the unlimited mobile data plan will allow customers to take full advantage of its 5G network which is rolling out across the country.

For more information about Vodafone’s Ultra+ Plan with unlimited mobile data, visit here for SIM Only plans or visit here for Handset plans.

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they released and copied optus 5G too

5G Home Internet Plans | Vodafone Australia


Not copied. Vodafone’s Home Internet plans are different on the account of existing customer discount of $5 on the plans and the Unlimited plan is $5 cheaper than Optus. Vodafone’s plans are not locked in as well. No exit fee provided you return the modem in good working order.