Not everything needs a modern digital take, and some might argue that applies to the age-old Rubik’s cube too. While you can master the Rubik’s cube perfectly well without any digital assistance (though tutorials on YouTube definitely help), not everyone learns or plays the same way.

For those who learn well in a connected environment, mastering the Rubik’s Cube just got a lot easier with GoCube’s connected Rubik’s Cube. Debuted last year, the product is now widely available, allowing consumers to learn to solve the cube in a fun and interactive way.

When connected with the partner app, the Rubik’s Connected teaches players to solve the classic puzzle, sharpen their skills and – should they wish – to compete with other cube solvers around the world. The cube does this using sensors to measure activity and inertial measurement to know exactly what position the cube is in.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that’s easily recharged when it runs low, and connects via low power Bluetooth 5.0 to the GoCube app.

Using the built in telemetry, the app provides a real-time display of the cube, analyses movement, and enables fun interactive tutorials so anyone can learn and enjoy cubing. Various pre-packaged games and options are available to play with friends in person and online.

Rubik’s Connected comes with:

  • Rubik’s Connected
  • Customized USB charger

The new Rubik’s Connected Cube and its app were designed in partnership with GoCube (utilizing the best-in-class smartcube technology). It is available for $59.95 at or Amazon at