If you’re working from home or spend a bit of time gaming, the odds are you’ve got a decent computer chair. But is it decent or is it really good? Razer is one of the big names in gaming and of course, they sell gaming chairs. One of their models, the Iskur is now available in a fabric finish as well as the faux leather options.

Let’s face it, in Australia we do get some weather that’s pretty toasty some days. So the faux leather finish chairs are necessarily practical for all users, particularly anyone who feels the heat. So the addition of a soft finish fabric to the Iskur range is welcomed by many of the Razer faithful.

Having all of the same adjustability as the rest of the range including arm adjustments (forward/back, height, narrow/wide slide and angle), lumbar support, height adjustment, seat base angle and recline are all there. This — like other similarly designed chairs — means that if you can’t get comfortable on this, you’re probably not trying hard enough.

Now, this isn’t a cheap option but it’s Razer: They make quality equipment that you pay a premium for. The Iskur fabric starts at $799.95 depending on the model and your size needs which is definitely an investment level price, not an impulse buy. Keep in mind though, with work from home being far more the norm you can claim some of the cost back on tax.

What features do you want or need from your PC chair for it to become a must have accessory?

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Off topic, but this is the newest post i can see on homepage. I have to goto twitter to see the latest posts.
Tested with multiple mobile browsers and via WiFi and 4g.
Have noticed this another time in last few days.


And now homepage is refreshed. Confusing.


Something screwy going on there Tom. I’ll look into it.


I have to go against your thoughts on cloth covered chairs, Phil.
Cloth covered chairs are good at soaking in summer perspiration. I’d definitely want to see some kind of seat cover released, to protect the fabric finish Iskur from that. Leather or vinyl is a lot easier to keep clean and maintain.
As for chairs in leather or vinyl of some sort, why there are no seat covers made to make them more comfortable for summer, is a complete mystery to me. It’s an absolute gimme of a marketing opportunity that’s continually going begging.