While the whole connected world has come a very long way in the last two years, some areas are still very centred around certain user cohorts. When it comes to Google Maps on Android Auto, the screen layout can be a little clumsy for those of us with right-hand drive cars.

A recent update to the Google Support page shows that this is — finally — being thought about:

Users across the world using Android Auto in their vehicles will now see the user interface orient itself optimally, in layout and language, depending on whether you drive a left-hand drive vehicle or right-hand drive vehicle. Worry no more about struggling to use hard-to-reach buttons.

What this means in practical terms is that the layout of some of the touch buttons reorients from the left to right and vice versa. This is based on the simplicity of touch controls to minimise the time required with your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.

What features or controls need to be added to Android Auto to make it easier to control or a better user experience?

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Any idea when this will be rolled out. An issue with reach for the menu button in my Hyundai. Can’t come quick enough


I much prefer orientation agnostic approaches. My Hyundai for example has a centre volume knob and the interface is easily usable by a driver on the left or right.

Well, mostly.

Paul Warner

This reminds me of the days when you added a new radio to the car and the volume control was on the far left of the unit. Designed for LHD cars which is about 80% of the world.