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Samsung has upgraded and opened a whole new world of experiencing technology to its users. Their flagship pen is no longer compatible with only the Galaxy Note, but you can now use it on the Galaxy S series, Galaxy Tabs – including the latest S7 FE, and Galaxy laptops. In addition, the pen comes with many cool features like taking screenshots, magnifying portions of text, and a language translation feature.

Samsung is bringing the competition to its rivals. The S Pen makes note-taking, phone navigation and doodling a breeze.  You can as well use it as a remote control for your phone camera or flipping through slides during a presentation. It’s a handy tool for creative professionals and students who need to work continuously, even on the go.

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Let’s take a deeper look into some tricks the S Pen has to help you raise your productivity levels.

Write on calendar

With this feature, being organised has never been easier. By simply tapping the pen icon on your screen to open the smart shortcut, you can select write on your calendar. Your calendar app will instantly open, allowing you to add notes, make schedules and share them just as quickly.

Screen-Off Memos

If you need to make a quick note during a meeting, whip out your S Pen and start writing on your screen, and yes, with your phone locked. You can easily add pages by clicking on the down arrow. When you are done, hit save, and all your notes are conveniently stored away in your Samsung notes.

Convert your handwriting

Most people can testify that writing is faster than typing. You are limited to your thumbs with a phone keyboard, but you can write and then instantly convert your handwriting to text with the S Pen. To use this function, you simply launch your notes app, hand-write any information, and tap the handwriting-to-text icon when done. Your handwriting will be converted into text, then simply copy or export to an email, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or PDF formats. After taking down your notes, it only takes two taps to convert into text. The level of proficiency is unmatched.

Video editing

Editing of videos is made easier and quicker with the S Pen. With the precision of the pen, you can easily trim your video, add filters, touch up faces, add music and add captions. To do all this, simply tap the pen icon, and all the editing tools will be availed.

Language Translation

The S Pen is also your translator. By simply hovering it over any text on the web or text on a picture, with the aid of optical character recognition, you can translate the written text from the written language to a language of your choice. What’s even more remarkable is you can tap on the sound icon on your screen and hear the pronunciation as well.


In a world where working on the go is becoming more and more popular, the S Pen will keep you in trend with modern technology, allowing you to work conveniently from anywhere and at any time.