If you are a Mac owner, you will probably know the value of running your device optimally. While these devices are great from the performance perspective, you may clutter them over time and experience a slowdown. The onus is on your usage habits rather than the computer, so you can do your bit to set things right. Fortunately, a few simple measures can help you declutter your Mac and get it back to optimal performance levels. You can try these recommendations this fall so that you need not struggle with a slow device during the festive season.

Organize your desktop

Your desktop is the best place to start with the project because a messed screen can affect your productivity. If you have the nasty habit of saving your files here, you will end up with a cluttered desktop at some point. Resolving the concern is easy as you can start by deleting the documents you do not need. Pick the rest and organize them neatly with Stacks. Your desktop will be clean, and the device will pick up speed.

Purge the downloads folder

A full “My Downloads” folder is the worst thing to have on your Mac as it houses loads of duplicates and old zip files. This fall, embark on the mission to purge it and reclaim storage space for the files you need. The good thing is that you need not really work hard to purge the folder because most files in this folder are not needed.  Just have a glance, pick the ones you need, and clear the rest.

Remove old and large files

If you dig deeper, you will find more old and large files in other folders besides Downloads. When you start with fall declutter for your Mac, look for ways to clear your storage by finding all these redundant files and trashing them. Thankfully, there are free methods and paid tools to clear up space for good. You only have to make sure that you do not delete anything important by mistake.

Clean your system junk

System junk is perhaps the biggest source of clutter in your device. Clean it up, and you will have a lot more space and get better performance from a lighter Mac. You can use a cleanup tool to eliminate the temporary files, system logs, and user cache files. The best thing about these tools is that they are reliable and you need not struggle to look for junk and get rid of it.

Uninstall unused apps and login items

It is easy to install apps to your Mac and forget about them down the line. But having too many of them can cause serious speed issues with the device. Check the ones you do not use and uninstall them this fall. Also, ensure that you do not install any redundant ones in the future. The same applies to login items because they bring startup clutter on your Mac and lower its performance.

A fall declutter is the best thing you can do for your device. It can bring visible improvements in your Mac’s speed, performance, and memory, making it as good as new.