Nothing says you like a bespoke cartoon, at least that is what Google seems to think with the launch of Google Illustrations. Illustrations is a profile picture building system that lets you choose from a wide array of cartoon images, and then customise the elements of that image.

This feels like a Google initiative of old, whimsical, pointless and likely completely enjoyable, and honestly, I’m here for that. The system will let you choose from a bank of predesigned profile pictures from a range of categories. Once selected however you can then customer all of the elements of that profile picture.

You can change element colours, rearrange what’s in the image, or leave elements out entirely. Once done the new image will become your profile picture across all of Google’s products and services. Currently, we don’t have access to the new profile picker, but if you want to try you’ll need an android phone, as the system doesn’t work on iOS or the web yet.

To change your icon, open a Google app on android, hit the menu icon, tap the profile picture and select add or change profile picture. From there if you have the new UI you’ll be able to choose and customise your new profile pic. Let us know if you can see the new feature, we hope it’s rolling out worldwide now.

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Tried to access it on my Nokia 6.1 phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.
Nokia 6.1, Android One, Android 10, NO.
Samsung S6 Lite, Android 11, Samsung OneUI 3.1, NO.
What are the known system requirements for accessing it, if known?


An interesting idea, I just wonder how long it will be allowed to last.


I love this.