A reminder for our Victorian readers (sorry to the rest of Australia) there’s a nice little deal on the go that costs nothing and could save you money. What’s the catch I hear you say? Well, you have to apply for it to make sure you qualify!

To get your free Powerpal, the process to check your eligibility isn’t onerous and doesn’t require you to enter any personal detail. Simply put your postcode, suburb and type of dwelling (freestanding home, townhouse/unit or multistorey apartment) in. This will tell you if you’re eligible, from there you need to add your name and phone number. After that, an installer will make contact with you to arrange the installation of the Powerpal device which you get to keep.

Our team previously reviewed the Powerpal, showing how easy it is to setup. Once set up you can identify power sucking appliances and identify ways to save on your power bill. It also produces some very useful graphs with the data captured from your power usage. If you’re not paying for the device, there’s no reason not to get one. Even if you do have to pay, for the potential long term savings Powerpal would be a worthwhile investment.

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If you’re not paying for the device, you are the product. What data is being sold by this company that pays for all this?

Neerav Bhatt

The Victorian government is paying for the device for Melbourne and some regional areas. In other states it’s sold for a bit over $100.